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3 September 2020 - FROM THE ARCHIVES

Heavy lambs hit by lack of export activity

New season lambs from northern areas in SA continue to build through markets, with 6,000 lambs yarded at Dublin along with plenty going OTH wherever there is processor killing space.

Heavy lambs are feeling the lack of export activity, with any lambs 30+kg cw falling away on a c/kg basis compared to trade types which held around 650c/kg cw. Lambs in the south are generally still in the paddock with low numbers yarded.

Mutton prices remain firm with 500c/kg cw around the mark with some saleyard indicators at 550c for good heavy to medium weights.

The domestic beef market remains strong – making decisions for restockers an interesting equation when banking on the medium‑term outlook.

We did see an increase on feeder orders this week.

Restockers are paying in the range of 370 ‑ 420c/kg lw for steers. Heavy cows at 270 ‑ 312c/kg lw remain firm, with medium and lighter types 230 ‑ 280c/kg lw.

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