Quality – every step
of the way.

Our Story

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Proud of the past and confident of the future, Quality Livestock plugs producers directly into an extensive global network while not losing sight of the personalised service that has been the essence of the Quality Group's operations for almost 30 years.

Established in 2011 by Mark Dyson, Quality Livestock has grown rapidly to become a major seller at saleyards and to abattoirs, quickly becoming a preferred marketer for sheep, lamb and cattle producers throughout SA and now Victoria.

The company has a simple core focus – assisting producers to deliver maximum profits by operating in a simple, honest and transparent manner.

Quality Livestock boasts a diverse workforce, combining the market intelligence of some of the most experienced and respected agents in the game with a host of the industry’s future leaders, passionate about embracing and driving innovation in the livestock sector.

And under the umbrella of the Quality Group, Quality Livestock also works hand‑in‑hand with Quality Wool to offer clients a comprehensive stock and station agency service, delivering stability and peace of mind that everything can be handled under the 'one roof'.

It has been this stability, along with a passion for the industry, farming families and rural communities, that has been the foundation of Quality Livestock’s growth over the past decade and continued expansion in the future.

Partnering with Quality Livestock means...

A personal service
We’re a company built on relationships – you're never just a number or account to us, no matter the size of your enterprise.

Local people
Our people are passionate about their local rural areas and we support the grassroots with various sponsorships, programs and initiatives, putting money back into your local community.

We’re partners

Producers are our lifeblood and we take pride in honesty, integrity, teamwork and a true client focus. We’ll go the extra mile to help deliver you maximum profits.

Around when you need us
Life on the farm can be tough when seasonal and economic challenges arise. But through the peaks and the troughs, we’ll be there in your corner to support you.

We’re always looking to innovate and do things better, smarter and more efficiently – and to ensure the benefits flow through to you.


You’re never locked into one option with us – let our team work with you on a marketing strategy that explores all avenues to ensuring maximum exposure and competition for your product.

Got a question? Ask us!
We’re always happy to hear from you and will respond openly, honestly and respectfully.