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27 August 2020 - FROM THE ARCHIVES

Demand for breeding stock remains strong

A degree of uncertainty exists around the lamb market at present as prices hover around the $6/kg cw with some lambs sub that number. However there appears to be a ‘flattening’ of the drop as new season sucker lambs hit the market – the range of 560 ‑ 600c/kg cw appears to be the mark for now.

With processor kill space quickly filling, the number of lambs throughout the eastern states are coming forward in numbers – adding to those suppressed prices.

Victoria, which processes half the country's lambs, has been forced to drop production by a third – a measure aimed at controlling the spread of COVID‑19.

News that the JBS Brooklyn plant should be back in full swing within days is welcomed.

Mutton prices remain firm. Naracoorte market saw medium weight ewes make from $116 to $138/head with heavy ewes making from $145 to $176/head.

Upside at present is the strong cattle prices with good yearling and feeder steers hovering around the 400+c/kg whilst grown steers and bullocks ranged from 330 ‑ 400c/kg.

Grown heifers ranged from 310 ‑ 390c/kg.

Anyone needing to sell off cows, now is the time with good quality cows ranging in the 260 ‑ 298c/kg lw and the odd pen of heavy cows topping at 319c/kg in Mt Gambier.

Demand for breeding stock remains very strong across the board, it will be interesting to see how this holds up throughout the spring. We are seeing 1st cross ewe lambs set an early indicator averaging around $270 on AuctionsPlus this week with a 90% clearance rate. Would expect to see $300 topped quite regularly for quality 1st cross ewe lambs that are able to reach joining weight.

PTIC heifers averaged $1850 and are in high demand across the board.

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