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11 September 2020 - FROM THE ARCHIVES

Yearling cattle and new season lambs hit the market

Some very good grassfed yearling cattle hit the markets this week, with prices across most categories generally firm to slightly dearer at Dublin.

Naracoorte sold to mixed results, with rates reduced on some grown cattle.

Cows remain in demand selling to dearer pricing, with heavy cows ranging from 270 ‑ 310c and yearling steers to the trade generally ranging from 345 ‑ 420c.

6000 lambs were yarded at Dublin this week as well as over 4000 at Naracoorte, with the transition to new season lambs continuing with trade weight lambs mainly selling around 650c/kg cwt.

These lambs are making in the range of $135 ‑ $155, with heavy new season lambs $150 ‑ $170

Mutton prices have also remained strong, holding around the 500 ‑ 550c/kg cwt mark.

Heavy ewes reached $179 at Naracoorte, while medium weight mutton generally ranged from $125 ‑ $145.

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